Help for those wanting to understand the loss of faith...  

Hope for those struggling to maintain it.


rates are on the rise.


Parents and church leaders need resources to help them. Individuals struggling to keep the faith need support. Here at Found & Lost, Dr. John Marriott addresses both needs. Offering insights on how to instill lasting faith and hope for those feeling the pull to leave the faith. 


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  • How And Why Believers Fall Away.

  • What Can Be Done About It.

  • The Impact of the Internet.

  • The Importance of Assumptions.

  • The Problem of Unmet Expectations.

Do Parents and Churches Contribute to the Loss of Faith?   

Unfortunately, Sometimes They Do.

The statistics speak for themselves; record numbers of individuals who at one time identified as Christians are deconverting from the faith and identifying as unbelievers.

Why is this happening and what can be done about it? A Recipe for Disaster seeks to answer those questions by focusing on the four ways churches and parents unwittingly contribute to the deconversion process.  

Coming Janury 2021

what does the loss of faith look like from the perspective of those who have experienced it?  

Former believers provide 


insight to the reasons, process and impact of deconversion.


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John Marriott, PhD



It can be confusing, discouraging and frightening when someone we know and love announces that they have lost their faith. How did they get to this place and why do they feel the way they do? Losing faith is usually a long and difficult process. It is never the same for everyone and as such no easy answers exist. However, there are some helpful resources that will provide insight on who deconverts are and why they no longer believe.

Thinking of 


Sometimes we just can't make ourselves believe certain claims no matter how much we might want to, or how hard we try. Answers to hard questions are ultimately undermined by doubt. But sometimes the answers aren't what we should be looking for in order to maintain faith. Instead we should be asking more questions. To find out what those questions are click the button below.  




Presentations, and talks on the subject of faith exit, maintaining faith, and related issues. 


Interviews on the subject of deconversion from Christianity to atheism, on various radio programs including "" on KKLA, Los Angeles, California, and "Dogma Debate" Houston, Texas. 

  Radio Commentary

Culturally Speaking, is a weekly radio commentary on Hope Stream Radio, addressing issues of faith and culture. 

“Augustine said ‘Hear the other side.’ As an atheist, one of the things I love about John Marriott is his willingness to do just that; to engage in dialogue, ask the tough questions, and approach the other side with respect and thoughtfulness.”
David Fitzgerald, former Christian, author of Nailed and The Complete Heretic’s Guide to Western Religion series.

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