The Table

A discussion on why people leave the church and ultimately their faith. 

Dallas Theological Seminary Podcast

Coffe House Questions Part 2

In this episode Ryan and I talk about how we help provide young people with a solid foundation upon which they cn build a faith that endures in an increasingly challenging culture.  

How to Instill a Faith that Endures

Coffee House Questions

An interview as part of a series with Ryan Pauly, host of Coffee House conversations. This episode ilooks at the four ways parents inadequately prepare their chlldren. 

Interview on Deconversion

BBC Interview

A short interview with William Crawley of the BBC about deconversion. The interview begins at 16:24 into the broadcast. 

Sunday Sounds Program Cover Religious News and Events

Christian Times United Kingdom Interview

A discussion with Ed Thornton, editor of the Times, on the book, A Recipe for Disaster.  

February 26th 2019

This is a lecture given at L'Abri, the community founded by Francis Schaeffer in Huemo, Switzerland. It maintains that culture and values often lay at the root of our intellectual doubts. If so, then the response needs to address the root, not the symptoms of the issue. 

I joined Matt Vest on his podcast to discuss the central tenets of my book, A Recipe for Disaster. 

Dogma Debate

In this episode David Smalley interviews me regarding the subject of deconversion. The show also includes a discussion with David why I believe Christianity is true. 

Second Appearance on Dogma Debate

Host Sam Wellbaum, panelist Derek Brover and I discuss the subject of deconversion from Christianity to atheism on 99.5 KKLA, in Los Angeles. 

Topic: Deconversion Part 1

I interviewed David Smalley, host of the atheist radio show, Dogma Debate. David is a former Christian who experienced a crisis of faith during his baptism. His journey has taken him from the Christian faith to being one of the most influential young atheist leaders in the country. His program Dogma Debate has a wide audience and he speaks across the country on behalf of secularism. This interview became an episode broadcast on his show.  

Interview of David Smalley

Host Kurt Blake, panelist Derek Brover and I discuss the nature, process and contributing factors to deconversion from Christianity. 

Deconversion Part 2

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