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The Four Ways We Mess Up

I want to send out a short post about the core ideas contained in my new book on deconversion. In October I published a book entitled:

A Recipe For Disaster: Four Ways Parents and Churches Prepare Individuals to Lose Their Faith and How to Instill a Faith that Endures (Wipf & Stock)

The four ways are reflective of the major themes that appear in deconversion stories that populate the internet, my own research and surveys that document the loss of faith. Each of the four ways is unique, but what they all have in common is that they are analogous to how the ingredients in a recipe are prepared. Improper preparation of ingredients leads to something other than what the baker intends. Likewise with Christian discipleship. By over preparing, under preparing, ill preparing and painfully preparing individuals we set them up for a crisis of faith that can lead to the loss of faith. In the coming weeks I will highlight each of the four ways and offer helpful suggestions to counter them. My hope is that a recipe for disaster can be replaced with a recipe for success.

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